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Security/Privacy Act Statement


System administrators monitor the Canada Research Chairs program's electronic application system to protect it from unauthorized use and to ensure that it is functioning properly. Those who access the system without authorization, or who misuse their authority to access private information without just cause, are liable to legal pursuit.

The information you provide in your on-line Shared Curriculum Vitae ( Shared CV) or nomination will be saved in an encrypted format, stored on a secure server and protected in accordance with federal laws and policies. The personal information you provide in your Shared CV will be deleted once six years have passed after the last administrative activity on the file. This information is protected by password and accessible only by you. If you are nominated for another Canada Research Chair, you may update your on-line Shared CV by accessing it with your password and registered email address.


All personal information you provide in your signed and printed Shared CV and nomination is protected under the provisions of the federal Privacy Act. The data you provide in both these documents will be transferred to a corporate database, owned jointly by the Canada Research Chairs program and the Canada Foundation for innovation, for the purposes of reviewing applications and administering awards. Once seven years have passed since the last administrative activity on your file, a hard copy of the file will be sent to the National Archives.

All information you provide in your on-line Shared CV and nomination will be used by the Canada Research Chairs program to review applications, administer awards, plan and evaluate, produce statistics, and further develop the Canada Research Chairs program's bank of potential reviewers and committee members. When necessary, the Canada Research Chairs program may also use the information you provide to consult with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council(NSERC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the Canada Council about the eligibility of a proposed activity.

Information about successful Canada Research Chair nominations, such as the detailed description of a program of research and the financial details of a project's expenditures, are not protected under the Privacy Act and are accessible to anyone through the Access to Information Act. In addition, summaries of proposed research may also be used by the Canada Research Chairs program for promotional purposes.

Applicants have the right to access their personal information kept on their file by a federal government institution.

For more information about how the Access to Information Act and Privacy Act are administered, please contact the SSHRC Access to Information and Privacy Coordinator at (613) 992-0562. You may also wish to consult Info Source (Sources of Federal Government Information) - a reference document available in major public and academic libraries and federal government offices across Canada - and in particular, the section on SSHRC. All personal information is stored in the personal information banks for the appropriate program, as well as in SHR PPU 035.

I have read the above statements and consent to their terms and conditions.